Jaime A. Gonzalez | President & Founder

Jaime was raised in Nicaragua and came to Los Angeles after receiving a full-scholarship at USC. Since the age of 20 he was fascinated with the business of financial planning. Many mentors and 10 years later, he embarked on the journey of founding a full-service financial consulting firm with the intention of expanding to the national level. Jaime's extreme dedication to ethical and detailed thoroughness is what has fueled this fast growing company. His dream is to lead Sterling Financial to make the largest positive impact in the world of financial services within the next few decades.

Jaime A. Gonzalez

Roberto Jimenez | Vice President

Roberto was raised in Costa Rica and came to Los Angeles in 2007 after receiving a degree in Business & Management from Boston. After executing a junior executive role for three years in a Fortune 500 company he felt a strong need to be in a position where he could have a greater impact in the lives of others. At this point, he crossed paths with Jaime and they both shared the same vision for the ideal financial services company. This company is Sterling Financial. From that moment on, every day has been a quest to find ways for Sterling to deliver more value to its clients.

Roberto Jimenez
  • Bill Bryant
    Group Health Insurance Specialist
  • Nate Burns
    Long Term Care Specialist
  • Phil Calhoun
    Property & Casualty Specialist
  • Tony Gallegos
    Life Insurance Specialist
  • Troy Johnson
    Annuity Specialist
  • Seth Paul
    Medicare Specialist

  • Ramon Inzunza
  • Misty Ormond